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The challenge and fun of selecting a diamond and designing an engagement ring is to combine your own design ideas and preferences with your significant other's personal elements of visual style. This detailed process does not have to be daunting since some straightforward education can familiarize you with the foreign world of engagement rings and diamonds. The following sections will cover both technical and aesthetic concerns related to the engagement ring process.

This guide will focus on three questions and arm you with the information necessary to answer them in the form of an amazing engagement ring- ready to present to the person you love.

◊ What makes a diamond beautiful?
◊ What will make your fianceé happy?
◊ How can I go down this path without financial detriment?

The following sections will look at diamonds and colored gemstones as the focal point of an engagement ring and discuss how to evaluate them. It will continue with ideas on how to design of the engagement ring itself- including side stones and metal choices. One section will cover wedding bands. The last section mentions custom jewelry ideas to wear on a wedding day or for gifts for the bride, groom, and their families, bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Please see the photogalleries for specific examples of engagement rings, wedding bands, and wedding jewels.

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