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Blue Sapphire Ring
  ◊ Design Concept, Gemstone Selection, Ring Construction, and Completion


Blue Sapphire & Diamond Engagement Ring

This ring was jointly designed with a (now-recently married) couple. Thank you, J. and C. for letting me feature your beautiful engagement ring!

J. and C. decided that they wanted a colored gemstone for the focus of their engagement ring, with diamonds as accents on the sides. Their preference was for a cushion-shaped (rounded rectangle), bright, vivid blue sapphire and half moon cut diamond accents. We agreed that an elongated shape looked very nice on the hand and kept this in mind with sapphire selection.

We started by first locating the blue sapphire, as its size would dictate the size of the diamonds and the shaping of the ring. The winning sapphire weighs 6.18 carats and measures11.2x8.8mm. Once the sapphire was selected, we discussed the proportions of the side diamonds. The diamond half moons that were chosen weighed a total of 0.69 carats.

As to design, their preference was for an open prong setting with some intricate detailing to the side. They decided on a swooping 'criss-cross' effect to give some interest to the band without detracting from the gemstones.

During each step of the process, we exchanged multiple emails with photos of the ring 'under construction.' We created a partial wax model to give an idea of three dimensionailty, and then started working on the metal. The main section of the band was cast in 14K white gold, and the prongs and criss-cross detail were fabricated out of wire.

The ring was mostly polished prior to setting the gemstones, with a final bright polishing after setting. Here are the final results!