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I am a certified Graduate-Jeweler Gemologist from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). A non-profit organization, GIA is the premier diamond grading and colored stone research trade laboratory in the world.

The Graduate Jeweler-Gemologist program includes the following in-depth studies. Each of these areas was, and is, fascinating to explore and is necessary in creating fine jewelry.

◊ colored gemstone identification
◊ diamond grading

◊ model making
◊ metal fabrication
◊ wax carving and casting
◊ stone setting
◊ design

My personal background includes the following:

◊ growing up in Louisiana: both New Orleans and southwest Louisiana (Cajun country)
◊ a love of fried shrimp and Mardi Gras costumes
◊ graduating from Stanford University
◊ a love of big states with diverse populations: Texas where I now live and California where I spent 13 years
◊ a love of Big Band swing dancing (where I met my husband and what we now teach our two young daughters)

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